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The Garden Pool within the main premises is a spacious and relaxing one, This is the ideal location to unwind and relax, in the pool or out, lounging on a comfortable easy chair with a refreshing cold drink in hand, lulled by the calming swell of the ocean in the distance.

Enjoy the perfect relaxation in a minute with superb stunning surroundings with finest landscaped pool.


Experiencing Ayurveda will help you relax in both mind and body. These ancient wellness therapies can now be experienced at the Hiriketiya Hotel Ayurveda therapy centre, where experienced therapists are available.


Hiriketiya Hotel restaurant, serving a delectable range of traditional Sri Lankan, Oriental and Western dishes that would leave you wanting more. The hotel sources fresh vegetables and fruits (including organically grown produce), as well as fish and red meats for its dishes, from close by villages to ensure you of their high quality and freshness.


We have variaty of world class servies in srilanka

  • Free Wifi
  • Car Park
  • 24-hour Reception
  • Surfing
  • Mini Bars
  • Unique Room Features