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Stilt Fishing

Stilt Fishing, also known as Ritipenna in Sinhalese, is one of the most interesting traditional fishing methods of Southern Coast of Sri Lanka.The famous locations located are Koggala, Ahangama, Kaththaluwa,Madu Ganaga. Stilt fishing requires much skill and balance. The stilt fishermen then use a rod from this risky position to bring in a good catch of spotted herrings and small mackerels from the comparative shallows of the sea or from the river. They collect the catch in a bag tied to the pole or to their waist.A vertical opposite with an attached crossbar is embedded into the sea floor among the ridges, or on a riverbed. The crossbar allows the fishermen to be seated a couple of meters above the water causing minimal shadows on the water and hence little to no disturbance amongst the sea life.